The Feminist Post is a project by The Women’s Resource Center at Northeastern Illinois University. The Feminist Post was created by an NEIU student who was interning at the Women’s Resource Center. Our purpose is to form a community in which EVERYONE feels empowered and feels free to express their knowledge, experiences, and opinions about feminist issues that will be brought up weekly. Also, anyone who has  additional ideas of feminist issues that you would like to see posted on the blog feel free to contact us with your contributions.

Contact Information:      arosendo@neiu.edu

Message from the creator:

                   Hi everyone, my name is Alicia and I am a senior at Northeastern Illinois University. My major is Sociology and minor is Latino and Latin American studies. I am currently an intern at the Women’s Resource Center at NEIU. I decided to create this blog  as a way to raise awareness about a variety of feminist issues that are not often spoken of. The media tends to only offer a one-sided perspective on issues and my goal is to offer that other side.

                     When I was younger I remember believing that being a feminist meant that women were manly, that they were bra burners, and man haters. However, after taking many courses that explained what feminism is I realized that my definition of a feminist consisted of stereotypes. However, many people continue to believe those feminist stereotypes and my goal is to challenge them. Through this blog, I want to create a space in which people can learn from each other by sharing their stories, knowledge and solutions to feminist problems. I encourage everyone to contact me at any time for any suggestions of topics that you would like to see posted on the blog. If everyone works together we can continue to raise awareness on feminist issues and continue to create change.

In solidarity,



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