March is Women’s History Month

Yay! We have begun another month and now getting closer to spring! Apart from that, March is also a very important month. March is Women’s History Month. It is a month for everyone to celebrate the stories of women’s struggles, accomplishments, and truths.

How many of you knew that March is Women’s History Month? I did not know about it until I began to attend Northeastern Illinois University. Students during their elementary and high school years of schooling are rarely taught about the importance of this month which contributes to the oppression of women in our patriarchal society. The educational system should bring awareness to students about Women’s History Month. Race plays a major role as well. Most recognized women who have had challenged our societal norms are usually white. However, not only white women have challenged our societal norms. Many women of color have made tremendous contributions but are often unrecognized for their work. The Women’s Resource Center at NEIU does an amazing job bringing awareness to our community. A months worth of events are organized and coordinated throughout March to celebrate and bring awareness about Women’s History Month. At NEIU Women’s History Month is called HERstory Month.

On Monday, March 2nd I was grateful to be able to attend the very first event on the HERstory Month Calender. The event consisted of a film screening of the movie “Anita” as well as a panel discussion at the end of the film. The film is about Anita Hill who accused the Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas of sexually harassing her while she was working with him. It was awful to see how the senate continuiosly tried to humuliate her by making her repeat the disguisting things he would say to her. Ultimately, the senate did not vote in her favor, claiming that they did not understand her accussations. What is so difficult to understand that Anita Hill was sexually harrassed? Unfortunately, during that time period the U.S government has very little knowledge about sexual harrassment in the workplace so they were very unprepared to listen to Anita Hill’s story. However, that is still not an excuse to rule in her favor. The U.S government is supposed to be prepared to listen to any type of grievances and protect it’s citizens. This ruling showed how they failed Anita Hill, all women and victims of sexual harassment.

Despite the fact that the senate’s vote was not in her favor, her story began to raise awareness to the whole country. Anita Hill along with many other women that we do not often learn about have contributed to the advances in women’s liberation in this country. These women went through intense struggles and humiliations in order to create change and raise awarenes. I would love for everyone to take the time every day of this month to learn about one new person everyday in our history who has fought against injustice for the future of women and share what you have learned with freinds in family.


One thought on “March is Women’s History Month

  1. Yay for women’s history month! I watched the movie Anita as well and was shocked when she was up there and these white males were all sitting up there questioning Anita about her sexual harassment experience. They made her repeat what she went through over and over. It must have been such a degrading feeling to keep reliving her experience. I am glad that we have some progressions when it comes to laws in the work place but there are still too many men and women that are being harassed at work that aren’t reporting it. We need to work on bringing awareness of the importance of reporting these issues even though they may be embarrassing to talk about!


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