Why Do We Need Feminsm?

          We need feminism in order to continue to achieve equality for women and women identified people. Feminism and feminists are needed in order to fight against violence against women and to have women get paid the same as men for the same work. Also, we need feminism and feminists to have more women in congress. After all, there are more women than men in the world. I recently read “A Day Without Feminism” by  Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards and it made me realize how much has actually changed since the 1950’s.

**Note: The author’s last names are misspelled in the reading but are correctly spelled in the paragraph above**

            Because of feminism, I have the privilege of obtaining higher education and was not expected to get married at a young age and have children. I also have the privilege to be who I want to be without having to receive male approval. Although feminists have achieve many great things over the years, there is still a lot of work to be done. It enrages me that after all of the things that women have gone through while fighting for their human rights, male supremacy continues to take over. I decided to go out and find out how feminism has impacted the lives others. I interviewed friends of mine, student and faculty from NEIU and they each told me a different way in which feminism has impacted their lives. It is amazing how feminism has impacted not only my life but the lives of many others in different ways. I want to give a special thank you to everyone who participated in this blog and gave me a statement to publish below.

Feminism has impacted my life by making me feel empowered to accomplish the same things as men.
                                                                            -Elizabeth Ruiz  NEIU Alumni

Feminism has had a great impact in my life in the aspect of being to obtain higher education and aspiring for a higher income job, hoping to change the unequal rights of females in this industrious society,
                          -Dalia Ayala  Student at University of Illinois at Chicago

Feminism has impacted my life because it has steered me away from believing in sexism and instead believing in equality between all genders.
                                                                     -Daniel Rosendo    Student at NEIU

Feminism has impacted my life by allowing me to have access to education and allowing others to hear my voice.
                                                                         -Sehrish Tejani    Student at NEIU

Feminism has given me “attitude” — empowering me to stay true to who I am. Only then can I empower and inspire others. That is most satisfying!

                                             -Linda Leyva      Administrative Assistant for The Women’s Resource Center and The LGBTQA Resource Center

 Feminism has made me more compassionate and fighting for all minorities. As half of the population, women are still having to fight for so many rights. But there is people who have to fight for the same rights too. Reading and knowing more about feminism has also helped me be able to better explain others what the feminist fight is and why it is still needed. I once read a feminist saying that after being a feminist she couldn’t be neutral about almost anything. I feel in the same way.

                                                                         -Ainhoa Indurain     NEIU  student

If it wasn’t for the feminist movement, I would not be where I am now. I am currently a NEIU student working towards my bachelors. Although sexism continues to be a problem, new opportunities have been created in terms of work and education but there is still a lot more work to be done.

                                                                       -Gricelda Ramirez NEIU Student

Feminism is very important to me because of the equal education I receive that many young girls do not throughout the world. Being one of the first people to go to college in my family is not only a great accomplishment for me as a member of my family but also as a female member of my family.  I hope to serve as a role model for all young girls and show them that their feminine qualities do not make them a lesser member of society but instead add to who they are.

                                                                             -Belkisa Aslani NEIU student

               Lastly, I want to share with all of you what Ellie Rico shared with me. I believe that Ellie is an extraordinary example of a feminist. Despite being Latina and a single mother, she has proved that she is capable of fighting against hardships such as oppression. I want to thank her for sharing a small piece of her story and how feminism has impacted her life.

When I hear the word feminism, I think of all the women who have worked so hard in this society to be equally treated. Women who have become independent and capable of reaching goals. I considered myself a feminist because I fight very hard to have the same opportunities like any other man. It’s challenging but not impossible. I currently manage a business and it’s hard for men to received orders from a women. It’s not easy to prove to them that I have the capability to perform my job like any other man would. I believe that any woman has the ability to do a great job because we are all equal and we deserved the same opportunities. I never step back if there is a challenge against man because I love to prove that I am competitive. We deserve fair treatment and opportunities. I admired the feminist movement and love to see more women becoming independent and competitive.
                                                                                                              -Ellie Rico


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