Let’s talk about periods!

          Was anyone told to be excited of getting their period for the first time? I sure wasn’t. Unfortunately, when I got my period for the first time, I didn’t even know what it was and when my mother explained it to me she said it was an awful thing that women get every month. I grew up with this negative image of my period and every month I would dread for that time to come. Menstruation is a normal process that occurs in a woman’s body. However, society applies a very negative emphasis on menstruation that we eventually learn to despise that time of the month. This creates consequences such as losing touch with our own bodies and understanding what is really going on. Along with the negativity that is applied towards menstruation, women are marketed pads and tampons that are extremely unhealthy to our bodies because of the toxins that the cotton contains. The NEIU Women’s Resource Center is giving away pads and tampons and once we have given away the ones that we currently have we will be purchasing healthier options such as organic pads and tampons. So stop by and help us deplete these supplies!

I strongly believe that young girls should be educated about their periods in a positive way. Getting our periods is not something to have hatred for. It is a natural process in which our bodies needs to go through to cleanse. Women and girls should be told that there are healthier pads and tampons that we can use. Men should also be educated about menstruation. What does a guy say or how does he react when you ask him about mentruation? He will either make a  weird face, or make a rude comment about it. But why? Menstruation is something normal and both men and women should be given positive education on the subject. I recently watched the documentary, Red Moon, and it demnstrated the reactions of men when they are asked what they think about menstruation. Their facial expressions and verbal responses were disappointing. We need to begin educating ourselves and others so that women can begin to love their periods. So how about we start staying away from toxic period talks that are preventing us from loving out bodies to the fullest.

There are many reasons to love our periods. To learn about other reasons why we should love our periods click here.


2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about periods!

  1. I completely agree with you there Alicia, periods are seen as horrible presents that are given to us by Mother Nature every month. I remember when I first got my period….. I didn’t even know what the heck it was!! Growing up in a conservative household, with my mother, whom by the way had me when she was 40… Props to her!! Woot Woot, was never taught how to speak to me about puberty. Imagine to my surprise that I received my little “gift” from Mother Nature in school of all places. I was beyond scared out of my mind my initial reaction was to cry and think that something was wrong with me… How was I going to tell my mother? Would she be upset at me because I might have cleaned myself the wrong way after using the toilet! WHAT WAS I TO DOOOO?? I stuffed some toilet paper… Maybe TMI? But many girls have to understand that it’s actually not that bad. So I went home I grabbed the courage I needed and told my mom… to my surprise she started crying I THOUGHT I WAS DYING or something why the hell was she crying?? The following words out of her mouth and I swear I will never forget them were ” you’re a woman now, from here on out life is gonna be one heck of a b****, my girl”. My mentality about periods was horrible, I dreaded that time of the month when my body decided to just bleed out, and I won’t lie at times I do wish I was a man, at least once a month . Although men have their own set of puberty obstacles, periods are not pretty, not clean, nor physically pleasant, and they stain white pants and undies, but in some weird way when I think about reaching menopause far along the line I get a little sad. I feel like this period is somewhat of my friend someone that I’ve known since I was 12, now 21 I feel like I have a different relationship with my body and I wish men could sometimes feel our pain. Pain in the aspect of physical, and maybe sometimes emotional but I do feel like we should cut them a little slack, they try to understand and they even put up with our bs. Although I can say my boyfriend tries and gets me my pickles and chocolate when I am iffy on those days, many men and women have to inform themselves and be less ignorant when it comes to these subjects. Like me… I didn’t even know organic pads and tampons exsisted… T_T.


  2. Thank you for sharing your perspective and experience with us! I think that many of us can relate to your experience but it is not often talked about because of the bad stigma that it gets. Everyone, including men, needs to learn how menstruation is a normal process and should making weird faces when they hear the word. So spread your knowledge and educate others!


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